Bring Chad To The PGP

okay peeps here’s the deal. thanks to peep Dana who suggested i do this, i just spoke to peep chad collingwood about what’s the biggest thing holding him back from coming out here and being on the show and the answer is $$.

so i’m thinking if we can raise like $500, that would help cover the cost of airfare and maybe a few other expenses while he’s here!

if everyone (including us) gave $5 or $10, we could give chad a much needed awesome weekend in LA and of course a guest spot on the show! does that sound good?

**if you don’t know what i’m talking about, please listen to the first half of today’s website wednesday show. and here’s the link to the reddit account:

and thanks in advance…this is gonna be great for chad!

Total Raised For Chad So Far By The Peeps – OVER $3000