Break up

Hello GG, R and E, when it comes to breaking up with someone, there is only one way and one way only. You have to break up with them in your studio apartment at midnight oh and make sure that they have no car!!! That is one hell of a Stud move. But seriously the last time I broke up with someone it was kinda rough…. Let’s just say it is not a good to break up with someone on the 4th of July while your drunk and shooting fireworks . I still have a scar on my leg #dumbdrunkbitches. Thanks again for all the countless hours of pure genius and I’m now on my 8th time starting back at episode 1. It makes those 14 hour nights go by a lot faster! And randy congrats on the juicing you have inspired me and I have been just over one month without fast food or soda!! 16 pounds in a month!!