Break up with class

what up G &R and master E

at young tender age of 19 , i was just like randy , naive , dumb and
just plain a retard when it come to chick ,
i had this gf who i met when i was working at the movie theatre at
time,been together liike a solid 4  months , but sadly during that
time she was cheating on me the whole time ,cause the lying bitch was
a slut and all the hints where right in my face. So in return i did my
“civil duty” aka have sexual intercourse at the house where she was
having an affair , next day went back the scene at the crime and gave
a flower with her “promise ring” and she was like WTF!!! …i was like
F YOU BITCH!!! and she had the audacity to cry and was like WHY !!!
stupid C#(&$ , went back to my place and saw my roommate ,and ask me
wassup i respond “i fucked my gf. and i dump the bitch !” and got a
high respond  talk about classy , good times