Belated bully story

I pride myself on being one of those people who can just get along with anyone from any walk of life. I like to think that has helped me to avoid being bullied most of the time, or it kept me in good standings with enough people to have help if anything ever went down (because I am so a pushover when it comes to stuff like that)

Anyhoo, when I was in the sixth grade I had just started going to middle school, and I had decided to go out for the basketball team. One morning in homeroom this jerk of an 8th grader realized my initials are PP and started making fun of me for it. A couple of other girls that played ball with me overheard this and came to my defense. They took what this girl thought of as a joke and a negative and made it a positive, and people started calling me PP as my nickname. No one ever made fun of me for it after that day, and I carried that nickname all the way through my senior year in high school. Anytime i took the court people would cheer and yell out things like “Go PP” and i was never embarrassed, just full of pride and energy. Hell, I graduated from high school 12 years ago, and to this day I will run into someone who greets me by calling me PP. Life has thrown a lot at me since the 6th grade, but who knows how different it would have been if those girls had not helped me out and stopped something before it had a chance to start.
Since then I have tried to pay it forward, I befriend the quiet person in the corner, or I encourage those who seem to have lost hope. Still not much of a fighter, but i do what i can 🙂