Back/song/tv recommendations

Hey PGP!

Gina, there’s a product I’ve been meaning to recommend for your back. It’s the
best cold pack you can buy and I can personally attest to the fact that without
this thing I wouldn’t have been able to fall asleep for a period of a few months
where I had really bad back pain. You pop this bad boy in the freezer for a
while and then when you need to go to sleep you can lie directly on it or put it
on your back if you lie on your stomach. It’ll stay super cold for quite a
while, like an hour. It’s made of a soft gel and is super comfortable and is
nothing like other cold packs you find in the drug store. This thing is used in
real physical therapy offices. I highly recommend the large 11×21 size, even
though it’s not cheap ($30). Its size means that it’ll hold its temperature for
a long time and it’s the most comfortable to lie on. Otherwise go no lower than
the 11×14. Believe me, there is *nothing* better on the market for cold therapy
at home, I tried everything:

In other recommendations …

I’ve attached a song that I think would be an awesome closing song for the PGP.
It’s from the soundtrack to the movie “Blue Crush”, which was a fun little
surfing movie from 2002 and the first thing I ever saw with Kate Bosworth. (This
mp3 is legal, I ripped it from my own physical CD that I bought years ago!)

And for the world of TV, you guys *must* watch Workaholics, which aired on
Comedy Central a few months ago. It’s all on iTunes, about 10 episodes.
Absolutely hilarious and brilliant.