Hey GRE,

Thanks so much, you guys, for the on-air kudos about the DVD cover!  It totally made my night.  Hell, my year!  I’m such a fan, and it gives me such a thrill to be noticed. 🙂  Randy, sorry I stole your GREAT acronym.  I guess I ripped you off just like I ripped off Dennis Salvatier for the PGP design theme. 😉  I just hope the both of you can forgive me. 😉

That was it…I just wanted to say thanks, and it means a lot.  We East Coasters love you, too.  Sad to miss out on the all the live events and opportunities to meet up with you and the PGPeeps, but we love you just as much as anyone else.

What more can I say.  All the best, PGP.  You guys are awesome.

Boom flashy flashy,
– Rob

By the way, Randy, I personally think the pic of you in the pool is great. 🙂  I look at it as a man who knows how to chill and have a good time.  Wasn’t even thinking about the boobs. 😉  Own the pool pin-up! 🙂