Advice For Randy…

Hey Guys,

Now Randy, you are on the right track in the fact that you are realizing moves that work and don’t work on girls. I just want to give you some advice from my experiences.
First, I have never been put in the “Friend Zone.” The reason for that is because of how I talk to the girls. My conversations have a hint of interest and subtle seduction from the introduction. You don’t want to come on too strong because that may turn the girl off. You don’t want to talk just as friends either because than you get put into the friend zone. Every girl you talk to, show a hint of interest and subtle seduction. Even if you’re not interested in them, this will make you comfortable talking to girls in this way when you see a girl you’re interested in.
Second, No self-deprecating jokes. That doesn’t show a girl you have a sense of humor, making her laugh and keeping her entertained shows her that. Don’t bring out any negative vibes. I make playful jokes about her, never about me. Girls like it when you joke about her playfully.
Third, don’t listen to 98 percent of the advice Gina gives you. Almost everything she does and likes is the exception to the rule when it comes to girls. You even make fun of her for the type of men and traits she’s attracted to, but than you’re going to listen to her? Don’t do it.
Fouth, “Act As If.” You don’t have to be the best looking guy to get girls, just act as if you are good looking. And what i mean by that is Act As If you have confidence.
Lastly, if you meet a girl with that “F it beard,” I would recommend shaving it before the date. That way she seen you in “F it” mode, and than she can see you clean shaven and see how well you clean up. Trust me, you’ll jump up a few points in her book.
Thanks guys, keep up the good work. Huge fan for years, just don’t participate.
P.S. Randy, I’m going to Universal Studios on Friday morning and than again at night for the Horror night. Just seeing if you could give me tricks and tips on the park and how to make my experience there the best it can be.