Adventures in Barbershops

Hey GRE,

Had to share this very interesting/awkward/funny story with you. I’m originally from California but am currently transplanted in Alabama (so although Alabama did not make your top 25, just know you have at least one pair of faithful listeners out here) Any who, I’ve been going to same barbershop and had the same barber since I moved here, give or take 15 months. So this weekend I’m there getting a haircut it’s business as usual and out of nowhere my barber indirectly (but somehow still very directly) tells me he’s strapped for cash and needs $1000…basically can I lend him the money.  Now my initial thought was “what the F does that have to do with me!?!?”

But what came next was the highlight, it was of course Randy’s jingle “if you need money all you gotta do is call 1-800-loan-mart…and they’ll give you money… AND YOU PAY BACK WHEN YOU CAAAAAAAN”.  And I’ll admit it was very hard not laugh while I was in the chair.

What tops the story off is of course as he was finishing up my haircut, one of the other barbers asked him if wanted to go out for Sushi. And of course my course my barber says “yes”. Arr’ ju siddious, Really? BROKE PEOPLE DON’T GO OUT FOR SUSHI!!!

Thanks guys love the show! My wife and I listen to the PGP every morning as we get ready for work and it helps us get our day started on a good note.


Thank you