90’s (what i miss about)

Whats up guys and pretty lady…
What i miss the most about the 90’s is the fact that Tv was cooler
Saved by the bell
Beverly hills 90210
TGIF of course!!!!
And the best toy would have to go to the SUPER SOAKERS!!!!!!
You were the coolest if you had the super soaker 100  until the 1000 came out with the tank of water on your back
and my wife says the multi colored scrunchee socks and jean jackets
cmon Gina u know you loved those socks!!!
Oh and the girls loved that board game Girl Talk.. my siser would make me play with her friends. luckily i didnt have to call any boys on the phone.
and last and certainly not least the best band of the 90’s METALLICA!!!!!!!
Metal Forever,
Pedro Da Churro Guy