Hey G, R & E.

CONGRATULATIONS on making it to the big 6-5-0! I’m going to go out to
the website when I get home from work to order a t-shirt (hope you
still have my size).

Thanks for making me laugh…No really…I’ve had a really hard time
at work lately, and listening to you makes me feel so much better.
Love you guys.

I’m planning on visiting a friend in San Diego later this year. I’d
love to come up to LA and finally meet you guys. If you plan another
PGPeep meet in Las Vegas, I’m so there.

Randy, way to go on your weight loss. It’s not an easy task, I know.
But the wardrobe issues…really? Let me think of a look for you. You
need your own look, but not the jammies. You’re too good for the lazed
look. Elijah, can you help him out from a guy’s perspective? Gina can
help with the softer touches, and I don’t mean makeup. Not sure where
I am on the Carmen Miranda look.

Love you guys to bits. You’re going places and it won’t be long before
you have a satellite radio station of your own.