Has it been three years already?  Time seriously flies!  Three years ago, I was questioning my career choice after getting written up for my store’s sales performance (during the f’ing recession!). So I took a demotion and prepared to be poor for a long time while I tried to figure out what do with my life.

Three years later, I am back in school pursuing a degree in math. I have gained 10 lbs, but lost 30! I am out of credit card debt and free of an underwater mortgage. I am much less stressed and infinitely more amused because I have the PGP to entertain me throughout my day.  Things are so much better!

On a side note, I’d love to ask for a huge shout out to my husband “L”. He is now one year free of cancer!  After surgery to remove a tumor last year, he created his own diet to fight cancer.  He has done so well, he has not had to have chemotherapy or radiation.  He is my hero!

Many, many thanks for helping me laugh even in my hardest, darkest of times so that I could have the strength to be there for him 🙂

Withholding my name (just this once), but you know I’m one of your loving peeps!