I was with you guys from the start and was working at a biotech company called Amgen.
3 years later, I’m still at the same company and recently celebrated my 6 year anniversary there. I have more responsibilities now and am continuing to further myself! I thought I’d be married by now and I am!
I hope I’m in my own house 3 years from now and even more successful in my work life as well as my personal life.
From day 1, I’ve always tried to carry a positive attitude with everything and I think that works wonders. People respond to friendly people and that is why I love the Pretty Good Podcast so much because you guys, Gina, Randy, and Elijah, are all very good natured people and put off a great vibe and I’m glad to have been close with you guys from the very beginning and can call you guys my friends and can also claim myself as one of the very first PGPeeps!