3 years ago today….

Hey yo pgp!!!  Congrats on the hat trick guys. 3 years ago I was a bit bummed cuz B-Dub and the bobsled had come to the end of that comedy highway ‘ol bitch tits kept talking about. through the ashes rose THE PRETTY GOOD PODCAST! oh and what a ride from gina getting flat tires in south central to randy finally being able to jump out a plane (with some dude straped to his back~~no-homo!) and thru all the reginal lemus’s ,not boyfriends,caroline posada,lemon lime poprocks, lisa donnelly’s, beckys,cristins,pirate girl’s, pgp ”the network months”, kentrons, mr.black,t&a, and PANDUMONIUMS!!! I am so greatful for being introversed into your lives. Remember ginas freezer full of ants…or mickey mouse! Oh, oh her hammock! Or randy’s doing live reads for THE KEVIN WONG @youtube.com, or getting banned from thanksgiving for telling us about soap in the kugal!! and who can forget randy throwing up on parents of pgpeeps! Hahaha goodtimes well heres to another year of the pgp!!
Stay classy you effen studs~~