It’s been an amazing and long 3 years and thank G-d for the PGP.
Three years ago, I had just become unemployed from an unnamed Seattle coffee retailer just a couple of days before my ten year anniversary and week after, I returned from a family leave to take care of my mother and father because of their deteriating medical condition.  Before, I left it was suggested that it wasn’t an opportune moment because of a possible corporate restructure and it would be a good time to show my loyalty to the company, went anyway and don’t really care — work is work and family is family. I miss some of the people and definitely the $$$.  However when it comes to work it’s just work and “If it doesn’t breath you don’t love it.” In the years in between here and there, I had have my mother and father placed in guardianship because they were no longer capable of caring for themselves.  My mom passed approx one year ago and my dad passed just a couple of weeks ago.  My wife was diagnosed with diabetes and I’ve buried 6 friends and two in-laws in the time between.  (not counting the people, I don’t like) I’ve had 6 contract jobs and I am finally an FTE with a bio tech.
It wasn’t all bad though, my son had his kinda bar mitzvah (my wife is black catholic — kinda of puts a damper on your traditional bar mitzvah) and is now in high school.  We’ve got my wife’s diabetes pretty much under control and I’ve started a second career as a freelance writer.  We went through some thin times and ate way too much mac and cheese because that is what the budget could take.
So thank you so much for just being you.  You have filled my life with love and laughter during a time when my sense of humor was stretched to the breaking point.
I don’t know what the future will hold but my son will be graduating in three years and going to college.
E-Dub in Seattle