3 Years

Happy Anniversary PGP!
Where I was 3 years I ago means NOTHING because I hadn’t discovered the PGP quite yet. I found you by doing a “Michael Jackson” search on iTunes a year later on the 1 year anniversary of his death. This led me to episode #269 “Randy Does Descent Michael Jackson Jones”. I’ve been a faithful listener ever since. You’re welcome! 😛
Earlier this year I had the AWESOME privilege of meeting the great Randy Wang when he was here in Arizona. It truly was an EPIC time! So in the next 3 years I would love to do that again and maybe even get to meet the very AWESOME Gina Grad and the Batman-loving Elijah Black! On a more personal level, In 3 years I would like to get out of the desert for a little bit, maybe take my famalia on a couple of nice vacations and hopefully be celebrating the PGP’s 6 year anniversary 😉
So a truly heart-felt congratulations and thank you goes out to all of you for all the countless hours of podcasting greatness you provide for all the fans to enjoy. You mean more to us than you will ever know.
Mario In Arizona