Hey GR&E,
Three years ago, I was in a heavily toxic relationship that had me wishing for death to come to my door at every waking moment. I would get up, go to work, and come home to a dozen vicodin and a bottle of Jack Daniels waiting for me to doze me off to sleep. Rinse, Repeat. Things got so terrible, that I finally gave into the suicidal thoughts, and actually attempted to off myself in the same fashion that I treated myself to on a daily basis–just turned up to the max. Luckily, I lived and discovered you guys completely at random. Discovering you guys has honestly been the best part of the past 3 years. You guys are there with your comedic wit, keeping a smile on my face. I consistently listen to about 25 of the Top 100 Comedy podcasts on iTunes, the likes of Adam Carolla, Doug Loves Movies, and The Joe Rogan Experience (just to name a few), but you guys always say something or do something so interesting/funny/random that it simply keeps me hooked and wanting more.
Every now and again, I get a little sad and bummed out about life in general, but I always have you guys to go to in order to ward the thoughts away and replace them with butterflies and sunshine. 1-800-LOANMART may have inadvertedly saved my life a few weeks ago, but you guys save my soul on a daily basis. I thank you for being so amazing and sincere in everything that you do, and I hope that you guys stick around for a long, long time. And, hey, maybe I can find my way to California some day and take you guys out for dinner or something! Anyways, love you guys!
Much love,