3 years ago….I didn’t really listen to podcasts. I was working a dead end job and hating every single day.

Now, I am a  prettygoodpodcast fan (I started with season 4 and now am at episode 501 & the daily shows) and other podcasts (Heidi and Frank). I am almost 30, have a new job, but still hate it! ( I am not cut out to be a stuffy beverly hills office manager – too damn BORING!). But I am almost done with school (don’t ever go part time, especially while working full time – it’s hell!), almost out of credit card debt , I’ll celebrate 5 years of marriage this year. I’ve also ran 2 half marathons since October 2010…something 3 years ago I NEVER thought I’d do and I’m running two more in June!
And in 3 years, I plan on being done with school, having a job I actually like and to have completed a triathlon and full marathon, and be over my social anxiety to be able to meet people without being drunk ( Gina & Randy – I met you both at the last After Hours, but it was so hard because of my anxiety meeting people – beer took care of that! 😉 )  Oh, and maybe have a kid.
Love you guys,