3 Years

Hi you three musketeers,
Three years ago when the Pgp started, I was at home on disability because I broke my left wrist. While sitting in pain trying to do therapy to get motion on the sucker, I was happy sitting on the computer, listening to the end days of B-dub and the Bobsled, looking frantically for The Pretty Good Podcast with Gina and Randy. While catching up on the end of Whitman’s days, and checking you two out, I was playing….Wait for it…wait for it……PEGGLE! Yes Randy! PEGGLE! three years ago!!! and also getting ahead on Jewel Quest, and marathoning Dexter when I needed a break. Happily not bothered by the enemy (my ex) because he was in the garage. So I got to catch up on all the podcasts without any interruptions while playing computer games, such as PEGGLE! Bejewled, Jewel Quest, and Zuma. Let me tell you, I haven’t stopped listening since. Keep it up, your light hearted shenanigans keep me entertained and in a good mood. <3
Honored to be a Peeps since 2009