3 years

There sure was a lot of changes in just a short time.

It was the spring of 2009. I was working at a job I hated, wasn’t getting much work, I was home in my room of solitude all the time (WoW, ’nuff said), and was still getting over a horrible time of when I was in a relationship that I thought was going great, when suddenly after one of our dates, she decided to completely avoid and ignore me. For *literally* no reason. Oh yea, the kicker is that was the same week of Christmas. Typically it wouldn’t have bothered me that much but with that combination among other things I was pretty much rock bottom without getting kicked out of the house.

It was the worst of times, that really did turn into a new beginning of the rest of my life.

I power through, and in August on my birthday my mom surprises me with my own actual new Ipod instead of a handy down shuffle or nano (grateful for them of course, but as the younger it’s usually handy downs and there’s typically something wrong with them by then). About a couple months later, if I recall correctly, since I’m using the ipod that I can actually pick stuff now instead of having only random, I look online to see what podcasts are around. Looked around in comedy, eh one looks alright another looks boring, and literally I stopped and listened to “The Pretty Good Podcast”, just because it was called “The Pretty Good Podcast”. I know you like to joke about it and that it really is just “pretty good”, but it really is a perfect hook to get this fish in.

Very soon after I started listening I got in another relationship (which also failed stupidly but that’s another long story), started taking tax preparation classes, and started my current permanent job that I love and even though I could use more money, I don’t mind at all doing what I’m doing and getting what I’m getting because it’s so great. The same week I was told I was getting hired I quit my old job (which was a couple weeks before Black Friday and they wanted to put me in Jewelry that I was never fully trained for) which was the happiest week of my life.

Flash forward to nowdays. I have a lot of friends, both peeps and non peeps, I got a promotion at said new job in my first year, I’m hardly on the computer anymore, I make enough to have a life again (now need enough to move out), met some fantastic people and went to some great places, AND I’m fast food free, soda free, and need a liiiiiiiittle more self-restraint to completely rid of junk food even though it’s gone down to only a few bites.

In three years I hope to have a real, legitimate relationship, a full-time job, my own house, out of California if not out of LA. I hope to have made more good friends, become healthier and more fit than I’ve been, and of course, to still be listening to The Pretty Damn Good Podcast. Live Long and Prosper my friends, to our future endeavors.

I know that this is another essay-long story, but feel free to Cliffnote it.