2012 plans

Yo Peeps,
It looks like my 2012 is gonna be all about Orange Oil. A year and a half ago I got sick of being a broke-ass security guard and went back to college. My first year was great because I took all the cool classes I wanted to take and kicked-ass 2.8. This semester I started taking all the classes that I have to take. English- F, Geology- F, Internet Functions- C, Elementary Algebra- D. (I tried, I really did.) I needed a C in order to take the next Math class this winter so I’m now set back 2 more semesters. School sucks!!
I’m gonna get the book, take the test and by Feb I’ll be a licsensed exterminator. I’m gonna kill the shit outta those fucking bugs!! Keep it up PGP!

– Steiney