2011 vs 2012

G, R & E –
(I just read through this email before sending it & realized that it’s a little long.  Sorry about that.  Just consider it my form of therapy.)
My worse let down in 2011 is that I was still not able to get pregnant.  I’ve been trying since 2007.  But that’s depressing, so let’s think about that in 2012, Scarlett.   A friend and I sat down over this past weekend (with Oliver! playing in the background. I still like Great Expectations better – new movie out next year!) to list out our bucket lists for 2012.  My first draft:
1-try for baby again
2-get a new job that doesn’t frustrate me daily
3-make a quilt
4-clean out garage
5-take a solo vacation
6-visit family at least once a month
7-take a mud bath
8-attend at least 1 midnight movie premier
9-read at least 1 book a month
10-complete a vision board
11-get another tattoo
12-attend 3 cultural events
This list, while nothing special, took me forever to put together because all I could think of were things that I needed to do (i.e. chores).  And you see that cleaning out the garage is still listed.  It was really tough for me to focus on the specifics of ME & what I think is important and what I thought I couldn’t continue to postpone.  Maybe I should add “focus on my needs.”  It’s just a mess.  I think revisions are in order.
My 2012 list is very different than my 2011 list, which I like much better.  Hmm, I think I might have gotten some of these from ya’ll at some point.
1-work stronger, not longer
2-participate in communal activities to establish connections with others
3-sacrifice my (so-called) cool for fun
4-don’t skip meals/eat less/one meal at a time
5-stop dreaming/start doing
6-use electronics to stay organized/use and keep less paper
7-be an active listener and participate in discussions/don’t be afraid to speak out and express thoughts, ideas and concerns
8-escape the comfort zone

I found this site today:  30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself. While this sounds a little dirty, I know a lot of people that could relate to a lot of the list.   Each one includes a bit of reasoning, so take a moment to read through them once or twice.  This might be the ultimate list!  The site followed the Stop Doing list with a Start Doing list, which is a the same list, just different wording (don’t/start).  I guess they’re catering to those positive people. Hmm, maybe I should put that on my list for 2012 too – “be more positive.”  (Just to be clear, I do not have any connection to this site at all.)

Well, that’s it.  Probably not what you were looking for, but it was actually very beneficial for me to think it all though – so thanks!   I look forward to hearing about your year and your wishes for the new year.

Thank you for all that you do for your listeners,

PS – I didn’t expect you to try the moonshine on #600 – such pressure!  I hope it wasn’t toooo bad.